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These days, the world moves fast. Even here in beautiful Belmont, MA, it’s easy to forget to slow down and take in your surroundings. Don’t worry — that’s our job. As painters in Belmont, our team at Gallagher Painting takes pride in keeping our city beautiful with interior and exterior painting in Belmont done the right way.

As a family-owned and -operated Belmont painting company, we specialize in superior painting services for local homes and businesses.

We are passionate about interior painting in Belmont, bringing your space to life with perfectly applied paint in the colors of your choice. From prep work to the final walkthrough, you can count on us for tidy, on-time service that delivers results you’ll love.

As qualified house painters in Belmont, we are ready to take on any project you need. If you have a property you want to fix up or sell, we’ll ensure it has never looked better. So, stop frowning at your cabinets, and call us for cabinet painting in Belmont today!

Discover Belmont's Premier Interior Painters: Transforming Homes with Quality Belmont Painting Services

Looking to personalize your space with interior painting in Belmont, MA? At Gallagher Painting, we've got you covered. Our painter simplify painting by doing thorough prep work, fixing walls, precise painting, and thorough clean-up.

We, as a leading painting company among painting companies in Belmont, do not limit ourselves to residential projects. We also offer commercial painting services. If you need painting for your business or workspace, contact us. We can give your place a fresh coat of paint that matches your brand colors.

Our interior painters ensure the safety of your property by offering top-notch repair, refinishing, and painting services. Our services protect your property from issues like mold and ceiling repairs. Our skilled painters transform and preserve your property with expertise and a commitment to excellence.

As experienced painting contractors, we understand that a successful interior paint job begins with meticulous prep work. From patching holes to ensuring perfectly smooth surfaces, our attention to detail is second to none. We take great care in preparing the walls to ensure the paint adheres correctly and the finished look is flawless.

Choosing the right paint color can be daunting, but our team is here to guide you. We have knowledge about various types of paints.

For instance, there is semi-gloss paint specifically suitable for living rooms. Additionally, there are high-quality interior house paints that can be used in any space. We use only the highest quality paints that guarantee longevity and vibrant, beautifully painted surfaces.

We believe in providing transparent pricing. That's why we offer a free estimate, giving you a clear understanding of the cost to paint before we start the project. Get ready to transform your space with Gallagher Painting. Our painting tips and professional approach will make your home look great and increase its value and beauty.

Your Trusted Local Partner for Exterior Paint Services

Gallagher Painting is a top painting company that provides excellent exterior painting services in Belmont. Our expert painters improve your property's appearance and worth with each stroke of the brush.

As seasoned painting contractors, we understand that a top-notch exterior painting job begins with comprehensive surface preparation. We meticulously clean and prime each surface to ensure maximum paint adhesion and durability.

Our professional painter can handle any size project, whether it's a small home or a large commercial property. We specialize in both interior painting and exterior house painting, ensuring your property shines from the inside out.

We only use high-quality paint from trusted brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. These paints withstand Belmont's diverse weather conditions, ensuring your home retains its vibrant, fresh look for years to come.

Choosing us means opting for a painting company that prioritizes your satisfaction. We help you choose the right paint color for the outside your house, making it look better and more attractive.

We are extremely meticulous in every aspect of painting your home. We take great care in preparing for the job and ensuring the final result is perfect. We make sure to not overlook any details during the process.

We also offer power washing, which is important for getting your home ready for a new paint job. Our efficient paint sprayers ensure even coverage, providing a seamless finish every square foot of the way.

With us you get transparent pricing, with clear cost to paint estimates. Highly recommended by our clients, we're not just painters - we're the curators of your home's curb appeal. Experience unmatched painting services today!

Revitalize Your Space with Cabinet Painting Services

At Gallagher Painting, we excel in offering top-notch cabinet painting services in Belmont. Our skilled cabinet painters will transform your interiors, giving your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a fresh new look.

We understand that the key to a standout kitchen cabinet painting project lies in meticulous preparation. Before painting, we clean, sand, and prime each cabinet door and drawer front. This ensures that the paint sticks well and lasts a long time.

Our painter can help you update or completely change the appearance of your cabinets to match your desired vision. We use only top-tier, oil-based paints to ensure your cabinets can endure daily wear while retaining their fresh, vibrant appearance.

Choosing Gallagher Painting means opting for a house painting company that puts your satisfaction first. We carefully consider every detail.

We assist you in selecting the appropriate paint color. We apply fresh coats of paint to achieve a flawless outcome. We remove the doors and drawers, carefully paint each piece, and reassemble everything with precision.

Trust Gallagher Painting for all your interior and exterior painting needs in Belmont. Not just another painting company, we're your partners in creating a home interior that you'll be proud of. Contact us today for free estimates on your next painting project. Highly recommended by our clients, we're committed to delivering exceptional results every time.

Elevate Your Business with Commercial Painting Services in Belmont

At Gallagher Painting, we specialize in providing superior commercial painting services in Belmont, MA. Our skilled commercial painters will enhance your business space, making it attractive and suitable for professional purposes.

As experienced Belmont painting contractors, we recognize the significance of meticulous preparation for achieving a successful commercial painting job. We diligently clean, sand, and prime each surface to ensure optimal paint adhesion and longevity.

Our Belmont painters at Gallagher Painting can assist you in achieving your desired outcome. Whether you are looking to simply refresh your space or undergo a complete transformation, we are here to help. We use top-quality paints to make sure your commercial property stays vibrant and can handle heavy use.

Choosing Gallagher Painting means choosing a team of commercial painting contractors dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We pay great attention to detail, helping you choose the right paint color and applying a perfect finish. The result? A business environment that significantly boosts your brand image.

At Gallagher Painting, we understand the needs of business owners. We offer comprehensive services for both residential and commercial properties, including power washing and applying fresh coats of paint. A project manager supervises each painting project to ensure high-quality work that meets your expectations.

Trust Gallagher Painting for all your commercial painting needs in Belmont, MA. We're not just a painting company.

We help transform your workspace into a living space that represents your business. Contact our artists today for a free estimate. Our exceptional customer service and commitment to professional painting have earned us a reputation as a highly recommended choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Belmont, MA

Belmont, Massachusetts, is a vibrant and picturesque town in Middlesex County, just a few miles west of downtown Boston. Known for its strong sense of community and exceptional quality of life, Belmont offers residents a perfect blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience.

With a population of approximately 27,000 as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Belmont is a close-knit community that prides itself on its excellent schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and abundant green spaces. The town's diverse population comprises individuals from various cultural backgrounds, which adds to its rich tapestry of traditions and experiences.

Belmont boasts a strong emphasis on education, with top-rated public schools consistently ranking among Massachusetts's best. The town is also home to several prestigious private schools, further enhancing the educational opportunities available to its residents.

The town's picturesque landscape features tree-lined streets, well-maintained parks, and serene reservoirs. Belmont's residents enjoy the natural beauty of places like Beaver Brook Reservation and Lone Tree Hill, which offer ample outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and picnicking.

In addition to its natural attractions, Belmont offers a variety of amenities and services to its residents. The town center has charming boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, providing a vibrant social scene. Belmont's convenient location allows for easy access to nearby Boston's cultural and entertainment offerings, making it an attractive choice for commuters.

Belmont, MA, boasts a comprehensive selection of local paint stores, providing many choices for those seeking quality paint supplies.

Overall, with its strong sense of community, excellent schools, and beautiful surroundings, Belmont continues to be a desirable place for individuals and families alike.

Driving Directions from Belmont to Gallagher Painting

To drive from Belmont, MA, to Gallagher Painting, follow these directions:

1. Start by heading east on Belmont St toward Common St.

2. Continue straight onto Trapelo Rd.

3. Follow Trapelo Rd for approximately 2.5 miles.

4. Turn left onto Church St, and continue for about 0.4 miles.

5. At the traffic circle, take the second exit to stay on Church St.

6. After 0.2 miles, turn right onto Main St.

7. Continue on Main St for approximately 0.6 miles.

8. Turn left onto Playstead Rd, and stay on it for about 0.3 miles.

9. Take the second exit to stay on Playstead Rd at the next traffic circle.

10. Continue on Playstead Rd for approximately 1.3 miles.

11. Take the third exit to stay on Playstead Rd at the next traffic circle.

12. After 0.3 miles, turn right onto Mt Vernon St.

13. Follow Mt Vernon St for about 1 mile, then turn left onto Cambridge St.

14. Continue on Cambridge St for approximately 1 mile.

15. At the traffic circle, take the second exit to stay on Cambridge St.

16. Continue on Cambridge St for about 0.3 miles, then turn right onto Mystic Valley Pkwy.

17. Follow Mystic Valley Pkwy for approximately 1.3 miles.

18. Take the exit toward MA-16 E/Winchester.

19. Merge onto Washington St.

20. After 0.3 miles, turn right onto Park St.

21. Continue on Park St for about 0.5 miles.

22. Take the first exit onto Main St at the traffic circle.

23. Follow Main St for approximately 0.7 miles.

24. Turn left onto Church St, and continue for about 0.2 miles.

25. Turn right onto Glen Rd.

26. After 0.2 miles, you will reach your destination at Gallagher Painting, 30 Glen Road, Winchester, MA.

Please note that road conditions and traffic may affect the estimated travel time. Checking for updates before starting your journey is always a good idea.

Gallagher Painting Service Area Map in Belmont, MA

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