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Premier Residential and Commercial Painting Services in Concord

If you’re looking for house painters in Concord, MA, to handle your residential or commercial project, look no further than Gallagher Painting. Our family-owned and -operated, fully insured team has decades of combined experience delivering high-quality house painting projects to clients in and around Concord. We dedicate our time to giving your project the special attention it deserves, ensuring that your vision comes to life.

Our Concord painters go beyond simple coats of paint. We transform your property by sanding, smoothing, and revitalizing the underlying surfaces, selecting the ideal types of paint, and perfecting the job with long-lasting, streak-free finishes. Whether you want to paint a few rooms and kitchen cabinets in your home or your company’s entire commercial property, our team can help.

Our commercial painting services in Concord cover the following building types:

  • Offices
  • Mid-rise and high-rise buildings
  • Retail buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial plants
  • Apartment complexes, townhomes, and condominiums
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Strip malls
  • Hotels or resorts
  • Religious buildings
  • Car showrooms

As a locally owned Concord business, we pride ourselves on our high ratings. We understand the crucial need for minimizing downtime. Our top-rated contractors can work around your business schedule, ensuring minimal disruption while delivering quality service.

Our Professional Painting Services Can Suit Any Paint Project

Our verified Concord painting pros are selectively chosen to offer the following house services:

  • Interior painting in Concord: A professional, fresh coat of paint can transform any room in your home into a bright, modern space.
  • Exterior painting in Concord: Our exterior house painters ensure long-lasting, stunning results by performing a careful prep process and using only the highest quality materials.
  • Deck refinishing and staining: Replacing your deck isn’t always necessary. Our refinishing process can bring the wood back to life.
  • Wallpaper removal: If you’re tired of the dated wallpaper in your home, we can remove and update it with something more sleek.
  • Mold removal: Our team includes mold removal with all prep jobs to ensure that your paint finish lasts as long as possible.
  • Drywall and ceiling repair work: We want to start on a clean, smooth slate, so we repair your drywall before starting any coats.
  • Cabinet painting and refinishing in Concord: Refinished cabinets can transform the look and feel of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel.
  • Exterior pressure washing: If your house isn’t ready for new paint on your exterior walls, we can freshen its appearance with professional power washing.
  • Concrete floor coatings: Durable concrete floors provide an impenetrable finish, offering style and performance for garages, businesses, patios, and more!

Interior and Exterior House Painters in Concord: Quality Work for Top Rating

With interior painting in Concord, our painting contractors can help you achieve the aesthetic without the hassle of a full home makeover. To guarantee perfect, long-lasting results, we conduct the following steps:

1. Carefully remove furniture and wall hangings

2. Place drop cloths

3. Repair and retexture drywall imperfections

4. Apply high-quality paint in multiple coats

5. Replace your furniture once dry

We use a similar process for our exterior house painting in Concord as well, though with added pressure washing, trenching, masking, and scraping to ensure that we remove all paint debris from the surface. Our exterior painting services can increase your property’s value and curb appeal!

Concord Painting: Your Top-Rated Painter in Concord, MA for Cabinet Paint Jobs

In Concord, MA, it's simple to find a great cabinet painter by mentioning Gallagher Painting. Known for exceptional Concord painting services, our team of professionals has made a significant mark in the industry.

Our Concord painting contractors have been painting homes in nearby areas for a long time. Our services range from house painting to detailed cabinet refinishing. We have gained a reputation for delivering high-quality service and earning outstanding ratings from satisfied clients.

Gallagher Painting in Concord selectively chooses the team of contractors based on skills and experience. This ensures that every project we undertake meets high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. We are skilled in both large home painting projects and smaller kitchen cabinet refinishing tasks, ensuring great outcomes.

Our dedication to excellent work and customer satisfaction has made us one of the top painting services in Concord. We are a trusted and recommended name for painting Concord homes.

We are skilled and reliable. We are a top painting service provider in Concord, MA, known for our quality work and customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Concord, MA

Concord, Massachusetts, is a historic town in Middlesex County, just 20 miles northwest of Boston. Renowned for its pivotal role in American history, Concord is a picturesque New England town that attracts visitors from near and far.

With a rich heritage dating back to the early colonial period, Concord played a significant role in the American Revolutionary War. In Concord, the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired during the Battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775. This event, often called the "shot heard 'round the world," marked the beginning of the American fight for independence.

Today, Concord's population is approximately 19,000 residents, embodying a sense of community and a deep appreciation for the town's historical significance. The city is known for its charming downtown area, historic buildings, boutique shops, and restaurants. The natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes, including the picturesque Concord River and Walden Pond, also adds to Concord's appeal.

Visitors to Concord can explore numerous historical landmarks, including the Old North Bridge, where the abovementioned battle occurred. The town is also home to several famous literary sites, such as the homes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, who were prominent figures of the transcendentalist movement.

Concord's rich history, vibrant community, and natural beauty make it an extraordinary place, offering a unique blend of past and present for residents and visitors alike.

Driving Directions from Concord to Gallagher Painting

Here are the driving directions from Concord, MA to Gallagher Painting:

1. Start by heading east on Main Street toward Monument Square.
2. At the traffic circle, take the second exit to stay on Main Street.
3. Continue straight on Main Street, passing by the Concord Free Public Library on your right.
4. After approximately 0.7 miles, turn left onto Elm Street.
5. Follow Elm Street for about 1.6 miles until you reach a T-intersection.
6. At the T-intersection, turn right onto Lexington Road.
7. Continue on Lexington Road for approximately 3.5 miles, passing through the town of Lexington.
8. At the traffic circle, take the second exit to stay on Lexington Road.
9. After about 0.4 miles, turn right onto Massachusetts Avenue.
10. Follow Massachusetts Avenue for approximately 2.2 miles, passing through Arlington.
11. Turn left onto Forest Street.
12. After about 0.4 miles, turn right onto Pleasant Street.
13. Continue on Pleasant Street for approximately 0.8 miles.
14. Turn left onto Glen Road.
15. Continue on Glen Road for about 0.2 miles, and you will reach your destination, Gallagher Painting, 30 Glen Road, Winchester, MA.

Please note that traffic conditions and road closures can affect the estimated travel time. It's always a good idea to check for any updates or use a navigation app for real-time directions.

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