Paint Like the Pros: Interior Walls


Welcome to Gallagher Painting’s complete guide on painting interior walls! Whether you’re tackling a DIY project or considering hiring a professional, we’re here to make sure you understand the process. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know before starting your interior painting project.

Supplies needed: 

First, you will want to invest in high-quality paint, we recommend the Benjamin Moore brand. Other supplies you will need on hand include brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, drop cloths (or old bedsheets) sandpaper, primer, and stir sticks! 


Preparation is key! Make sure you clear the room of all valuables (and cover that new couch!). To achieve that magazine-worthy end result, take the time to fill any holes and cracks and sand down the walls for a smooth finish. 

Walk down that paint aisle with confidence! 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right type of paint for your space: 

  • Sheen: Is the room a high-traffic area? High foot traffic = High Sheen
  • Color: It’s not just a myth; the color you choose for your space has a huge impact on your mood. Make sure you choose the right color for the room, whether you want to feel cozy, relaxed, energized, or happy. 

Don’t be shy with paint samples! There is a vast difference between seeing a paint sample in the store and seeing it on your wall at home. Ask for a variety and see what works best with your lighting, accent walls, and furniture. 

Pro Tip: Wait until the paint dries before making your final choice. The paint looks very different from wet versus dry.


You’re almost ready to get started, but first, make sure to apply a high-quality painter’s tape to the area you are painting. Our go-to is Frog Tape!

You’re ready to start! 

Painting Techniques: 

Don’t forget to cut your walls along the edges with a paintbrush to prevent any painting outside the lines!

Don’t rush the process; allow enough time between your first and second coat for the paint to completely dry. If you paint the second coat too soon, it will bubble or peel off!

Clean up: 

Want to preserve your leftover paint for future projects? Use your paintbrush to wipe away as much paint as possible around the rim of the paint can. Your future self will thank you! 

Paint is an easy and great way to improve your space whether it’s an accent wall, cabinets, ceiling, or the entire room! We have full confidence that you will do amazing, but if you need assistance we are here to help! 

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